Nationwide East, We’ve Got Your Back!

Let Nationwide East provide you with tools to lower costs and improve profitability!

Nationwide East works alongside thousands of independent appliance, furniture, electronics, specialty electronics, rent-to-own and outdoor dealers to not only compete but win in today’s competitive marketplace. Nationwide East helps them grow their businesses and their bottom lines.

Nationwide East’s in-field Territory Managers bring years of industry knowledge and experience to our Members.  They communicate Group programs, pricing and the latest advances in technology to keep the Nationwide East Member competitive, streamlined and current in today’s changing market environment.

Nationwide East is the regional division of Nationwide Marketing Group, covering the eastern half of the United States. With over 3,500 members operating some 11,000 store fronts and $14 billion in combined annual sales, Nationwide Marketing Group is America’s largest buying and marketing organization. Together, we're in the business of success, providing independent retailers with the programs and benefits they need to achieve their full potential in the markets they serve.